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Wealth Management Consultation Process

Our strategic process supports customization at every level. From retirement planning and wealth transfer, to asset allocation and business needs, we work with you to develop strategies that help you pursue financial independence. 

Our collaborative process and approach features a series of meetings and touchpoints to help ensure that our recommendations align with your needs, goals and overall financial picture. 


The Discovery Meeting features questions and conversations designed to help our team evaluate your current situation, as well as your long-term goals. We explore your time horizon, philanthropic pursuits, concerns, requirements, investment knowledge and aspirations.


Based on the information gathered in the Discovery Meeting, our team works together to develop a focused, detailed investment strategy and holistic wealth management plan to help position you for success. Then, we present our recommendations to you, answering your questions and refining the plan as needed.


We finalize your investment strategy and wealth management plan, and hold a Mutual Commitment Meeting to confirm and formalize our agreement with you. Then, our client service professionals work with you to usher you through the client onboarding process.


We implement your plan; allocate your assets into a balanced, diversified investment portfolio; and integrate other key wealth management services.


We provide ongoing investment monitoring, and host quarterly Progress Meetings to review your plan and portfolio with you. We adjust, rebalance and reallocate your portfolio as necessary.

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